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    No matter you are in the property industry or any sales industry, we are able to customise campaigns to help you maximise your sales results and improve your levels of customer service. Today “Big Data” analysis techniques is the trend to create the world’s most up-to-date and advanced campaigns to secure leads and close the deals

Do You Know?

The best response time for following up with leads is within 10 minutes?

According to the research,Sales conversion increased up to 398% if leads are contacted within minutes!

How Does It Work?

This is the process of acquiring and managing leads or potential customers until the point where they make a purchase

Process 1
Process 2
Process 3

Why NexLead?

NexLead helps you to improve your sales conversions by having all leads in one place, keeping a complete track of conversations, activities and by doing fail-safe follow ups

All Leads in One Place

Customade mobile app to allow your sales person to manage leads everywhere, anytime

Get Deeper Insights

Up-to-date data to keep your sales person aware and manage their task in second

Complete Tracking

Full control on real-time data and leads schedule update for admin management

Fast Lead Respond

Shortens lead response time from average 7 days to just 3 minutes & increase the chances of closing

Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Manage your leads, get a snapshot of their activity, and know the status of deals for any given property.
Increase the first follow up action with lead by 80% efficiently
Understand your customer better & faster
Close deals and increase your sales conversion rate

About Property Lead Management

What can I do using NEXLead?

1. Login and Profile Management

To provide admin and sales person login to the portal and app to manage assigned leads

2. Registration & Lead Data

To allow leads to submit enquiry and register with 3-form and to store their data in the portal

3. User Account & ID Management

To allow admin to manage the user ID and account for the access control

4. Lead Assignment & Follow Up

To allow admin assign leads according  to the sales person to follow up and update status

5. Lead Grouping & Sales Team

To allow admin to group specific leads for marketing purpose and also to manage sales team

6. Reporting & Analytics Reports

To provide real-time analytical reporting and measurement for management monitoring

Instant Auto Routing

Real-time lead distribution with rules (by project, team or channel)

  • Capture your lead data from multiple sources
  • Save it to our lead management within minutes
  • Identify their location, capture their interests and profile in our solution

Smart Lead Profile & Follow Up Actions

Various Call-to-Actions, Folow Up Tracking with Appointment Scheduling

  • View personal details, see lead’s past history what the team had been interacting with them
  • Call, sms, email or whatsapp them
  • Schedule appointment with the leads and manager able to keep track on the appointment scheduling

Better Team Management

Total View of All The Leads They Capture In One Consolidate View

  • Assigned sales rep and filter the leads based on the various criteria
  • Monitor sales team appointment, keep informed of team scheduling and make the adjustment accordingly
  • Create own marketing campaign to different channel and yield the insights of the marketing campaign effectiveness at the end of the day

Data Analytics & Insights

Everything is About Data and Analytics

  • Insightful dashboard and analytics about leads, sales performance and campaign effectiveness
  • Better understanding of their sales team
  • Make better decision of the effective campaign or lead generation channel that generates the most potential leads

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that NEXPlatform does a really good job. I’m glad I decided to work with the team. It’s really great how the team understand my needs and delivered the project on time."
    Mrs Wong
    Sales Manager
  • "Working together with NEXPlatform to launch Markethink has been a thrilling, inspiring and energetic journey! There are so many positive things that have happened to our company as a result of being part of the business partner and we can't recommend NEXPlatform highly enough!”
    Business Partner
  • "We are very satisfied with the outcome of the digital solution that NEXPlatform provided.  We truly appreciate the hard work from NEXPlatform that had completed the project efficiently and effectively."
    Mr Ng
    Marketing Executive

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